Playing on the words of the great LL Cool J- We’re almost back to Cali…Cali…Cali

Published September 4, 2013 by Run Adriana Run

Okay, the latest and greatest on our move is that Alex called to check on his licensing status and they told him that all his paperwork looks good to transfer, his DOJ fingerprints check cleared, now all they are waiting for is his FBI fingerprints check to clear and he should have his California Paramedics licence in the next 2 week’s. As soon as he has a license # to put on his resume he’s going to start applying as a paramedic and start working to make his way back in as a firefighter in Cali once we’re there. Coincidentally, we should also have the loan commitment letter by this coming Sunday so we should be more clear on what will be our last day here in Texas but should be around mid October.

On a side note, I am done with this quarter and have to weeks off of class, yay! It’s been so difficult for me not to quit grad school. I am always studying ¬†and I hate having to do it while Alivia is home with me. I sometimes wonder if it’s worth the trouble of pursuing an education right now when Alivia is so little and needs constant attention. Then, I am reminded of the struggle to go back to school and finish it once you are already working and don’t have the time anymore so I press on. What’s tough is not so much the school work (although it is a biotch) but the struggle to finish the school work while this little voice behind me will say ” Momma, I’m thirsty”, “Momma, can you come see my building blocks”, “Momma, this is my picture I drew of….”, or “boo!”. How can I just ignore her? No way.

Alex helps as much as he can but right now he (like me) has been so busy getting the house ready for the sale that he can’t even get to the gym sometimes. My husband without the gym equals no Arnold Schwarzenegger muscles and that’s devastating stuff for him (not for me). So I try to make sure he has his sacred gym time because I need my running time too or I would, well, be even more exhausted if my brain did not have a chance to unwind. My hopes are that when I get to Cali I can put Alivia back into pre-school and head out to the library and get all my work done so that I can spend more time with her when she’s home.

Its so tough to live in constant chaos! Self inflicted but necessary to our ambitious natures. I tell my husband that I sometimes feel like taking Monica and Alivia with me (btw he said he won’t go or I would take him too) to volunteer at some little village in some third world country. I really don’t understand why we need so much. It’s funny, while most people dream of winning the lottery and buying fancy houses, cars, and enjoying vacations, (Wait! Oh my God! I just thought about citing this statement to prove it’s not my opinion…school is driving me nuts!) I would, at the expense of sounding self-righteous, travel and try to make an impact in this world. I would forget about buying a house, having a fancy car for the car pool, a fancy job title, a slim waist, and all the other things that are primarily concerned with making ME feel good not the world. Anyway, back to earth. I am not rich, I have to play the game (sometimes) but I hope with the education I’m getting (which consumes my life right now) I can eventually find a good paying job that would allow me time to volunteer for my local community and also can¬†afford me taking off a few weeks in summer to go on a charity trip or something to that effect.

By the way, I have a confession…my first week of sending my kid off to college and…she came back for the weekend! Okay, so she was gone a whole 5 days and I bought her a ticket to come home for the Labor day 3 day weekend. Let me get two points across before you start thinking “Oh my God that’s way too early”.

Point #1: I can pay really easily for the university shuttles round trip now that we are still in Texas but when were in Cali that’s not going to be as easy.

Point #2: I already miss my baby and jumped at the opportunity to have her unload the dishwasher again, lol.

Plus I bought her some shoes at AE and saved on shipping by having her pick them up herself, lol.

Having Moni visit so easily, it was really tempting to say “lets just stay” but we know it’s time to go. Instead we talked with her and she’s going to hang out for this semester at UT and work on transferring to a school in Cali next semester or maybe for her sophomore year. Well, it looks like she’s coming to Cali with us once this semester is done with and I’m glad we will get to have her closer!



It’s about damn time…

Published August 29, 2013 by Run Adriana Run

So here it is. I’m finally going to sit down and start this blog that I have been postponing for-evah! Thanks for the reminder Anna! I finally figured, why not? What better time than this? I just dropped off my oldest at college this weekend, (Hook’em Horns!!!) we’re in the middle of selling our home to move back to California, we are leaving with or without jobs….wait what? Yes, although Alex really loves his job as a firefighter and enjoys his co-workers (too much if you ask me) my husband really wants to go back to our hometown and although I’d be fine growing old in Texas (Republicans and all) this will be my ultimate 20th Anniversary present to him.

We’re not completely insane though. We are leaving with a little bit to carry us until he does get something out there but hopefully he will have his Paramedics Licence transferred and a job lined up before we go…hopefully…medics are in demand…fingers and toes crossed…oh God maybe we are insane? Ahhh, what the hell, let the adventure begin. The funny thing is that although we are not religious people (anymore) we still hear God and he said go. So far everything is lining up and as usual we trust God has a plan, we don’t usually question it (okay this one a little…) and we can’t wait to see where we are headed so here we go! Oh, and for those of you who are thinking about my girls and how this will affect them. They’re fine…Moni is at college and if she feels lonely and she want’s to be closer to us we will move her to Cali to study after her first year. Alivia? That baby girl is nuts so pshhh I wouldn’t worry about that little monkey too much she will adjust fine as long as she can climb, jump, and break something at the new place in Cali.

Friends…let the Madness-Bliss Apprise begin!

(Oh look at me using a synonym for “inform” in the title, I’ve been writing papers too long for school might as well throw in some wordy vocab here and there, right? I am going too…you know I am…)

Keep your thoug…

Published August 29, 2013 by Run Adriana Run

Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words.
Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior.
Keep your behavior positive, because your behavior becomes your habits.
Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values.
Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.

-Mahatma Gandhi